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What is a blog?

A ‘blog’ is a contraction of ‘web log’ and it began as a way of communicating informal thoughts and comment. It works in the way of a diary, in which the newest item goes to the top and the ones below are listed in chronological order.

Why are they important?

They are now very important marketing tools in their own right, both for business and personal use.

  • Inbuilt RSS feeds – allowing people to read your updates off-site
  • Google loves them – Blogs actively inform Google of updates so information is indexed very quickly
  • Communication – You can open dialogue with you visitors giving you the chance to interact and build rapport

Business Benefits

Blogging can bring many benefits and enhanced reach to your business. The following are just a few:

  • Build your news fast and easy with the added benefit of Google picking up your news quickly.
  • Provide a means of two-way communication with your customers (using commenting), getting valuable feedback and bringing them closer to you.
  • Provide news and information for journalists to use to write about you.
  • Share promotions and tips with your readership.
  • Show how your solutions tackle customer problems.

Our Blogging solution

English: WordPress LogoInstead of coding a new blog every website we use and customize the WordPress blog platform. Not only is this the most developed blogging system available it also makes a blog very affordable. There are two options for a WordPress business blog: WordPress “Self  Hosted” and Blogs. We offer both options for an affordable price.

Pages versus Posts

You add your blogs content in the form of a page or post .

Pages are static and are not chronological ordered or date sensitive accessed through a navigation menu on the top or in the sidebar of the blog.

Posts are what makes your blog tick and Google loves them. Posts are chronological ordered onto the homepage, the latest post being top. Post are usually short and sweet and form the back-bone of your blog. Text, photos, promotional embedded videos, music, links, special offers, contact details and updates; whatever you want, we do it by posting it on your homepage.

Google and WordPress business blogs

WordPress business blogs are great for Google who wants all the latest content displaying so no one misses anything important like a top news story, and great for our clients who reap the rewards of consistently appearing above their competitors in Google search results. This ensures your WordPress site gets more hits and traffic, a better return on interest (ROI), which basically  means you can make a lot of money from your WordPress business blog.

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Pro-WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems)

For easy access to your site for updates and design, WordPress is an excellent option.

Your current site can be converted to WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), which gives you the instant online access you need to in order to edit it yourself, keeping it up-to-date and more exciting for your audience.

In addition, you can integrate many useful features such as:

  • Online shop

  • Newsletters

  • Contact forms

  • Live help

  • Social networking…

We custom design and code WordPress off-the-shelf themes and child themes ourselves, so you can guarantee that your site is truly bespoke!

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